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Over 80% of structural defects are caused by movements of soil under the foundation. Share this Tip.

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Make your home your masterpiece: Yard work tips


Take advantage of longer days to complete your yard work.

Aerate. Aerating your lawn is especially important if you have heavy foot traffic. It helps keep your lawn healthier and reduces maintenance.

Mow it over. For cooler grass seasons, such as spring, avoid cutting your grass too short. This helps prevent weeds from invading.

Prune to grow. Warmer spring weather can help promote rapid healing. May is the ideal month for pruning shrubs for shape and size.

Spruce up your soil. Reusing soil from the last year can deplete your soil’s nutrition. Use only the bottom third of old soil from your pots and place fresh soil on top.

Clip tip. Grass clippings can be used as a mulch for flower beds and vegetable gardens if dried well before use.

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