Why have an Insurance-Backed Structural Warranty

A structural warranty, from an established warranty provider, gives builder’s and homeowner’s confidence that if qualified major structural damages develop in a home, those repairs will be the obligation of the warranty insurer rather than the responsibility of the builder … Continued

Autumn Proof Your Lawn

With the beautiful season of autumn vastly approaching,here are a few simple tips that will prepare your lawn for next spring. Just as bears go into hibernation, so does your lawn. Many homeowners think lawns need less care during fall. … Continued

What is a Structural Warranty?

A structural warranty provides a written agreement between the home builder and the homeowner and clearly defines the builder’s work-product obligations related to construction quality and continuing obligations. Under the agreement, the builder is the insured and the homeowner is … Continued

Why Some Housing Markets are Hot

Some Housing Markets are Sluggish, Others are Booming—Why? In some regions throughout the country, home builders have slowed down their construction businesses. Certain builders just aren’t doing as many housing starts in 2015, due to a variety of factors. Construction … Continued

I can afford to own a home on my own

Elena T. Thanks to my service agreement from 2-10 HBW, I can afford to own a home on my own without worrying about major unexpected expenses. I’ve been very satisfied with service when my A/C failed over two Arizona summers, … Continued